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P&R Responses for recommendation 95

Recommendation 95
Department Biological Sciences
Consensus Opinion 37 out of 38 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation Recommendation 95. Environmental Biology. Enhanced funding.

The members of the Biological Sciences Department support the recommendation for enhanced funding of the Environmental Biology program. We support the Committee recommendations for the following reasons:

• As stated in the recommendation, “Expanded knowledge and teaching in this area can serve to advance the mission and reputation of the campus as a regional center for this type of study.” This was a major motivation for developing the Environmental Biology program, which first began accepting students in Fall 2003.
• Like the Committee, the Biological Sciences Department recognizes the opportunity for Cal Poly Pomona to develop an environmental program of regional and national distinction. The Department recently voted to reduce the number of undergraduate majors from six to three, with Environmental Biology as one of the three remaining majors. This will enable us to allocate more resources to the Environmental Biology program. As one example of our commitment to this relatively new major, our future hiring plan includes two environmental biologists in the next six hires.
• We also agree with the Committee recommendation to “begin collaboration with other programs … to implement a curriculum, recruit qualified students, and develop shared scholarly interests to lead Cal Poly Pomona to regional and national recognition as an environmental program of distinction.” We appreciate that the Committee recognizes not only the importance of broad cross-disciplinary cooperation but also the need for additional resources to accomplish these goals. The current program includes courses from several colleges across campus, and we periodically add new courses from other colleges to increase the breadth of the program. Faculty from the Biological Sciences Department have been actively involved in the Regenerative Studies program and have collaborated with faculty in the College of Agriculture. We also have a history of productive collaboration with scientists in industry and government. Increased resources will make it possible to expand these efforts.
• In only four years, the Environmental Biology program has grown to more than 30 majors and is continuing to grow at an increasing rate. The major also attracts quality students, as recognized by the Committee. To continue attracting more and better students, the program will need more faculty, facilities, and equipment dedicated to environmental research and instruction. State-of-the-art equipment will enable Cal Poly to take advantage of its location in a major metropolitan center to study the broad range of human impacts on the environment. Collaboration and sharing of equipment across colleges will reduce redundancies and save resources, which is essential because of the cost of instrumentation necessary to study global change phenomena. Collaboration with other faculty across campus will also create the synergy necessary to address complex environmental issues. Teams of researchers will be more competitive for external funding, which is granted almost exclusively to interdisciplinary teams in this field. As a result of this growth in the program, students who are concerned about the environment will have unsurpassed opportunities to conduct research that addresses critical environmental problems.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
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