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P&R Responses for recommendation 85

Recommendation 85
Department English and Foreign Languages
Consensus Opinion 16 out of 24 faculty/staff : NA
Consensus Explanation The Spanish Program and the English and Foreign Languages Department thanks the Academic Programs P&R Committee for its careful assessment of the program and its recommendation of stable funding.

The Spanish Program would like bring the P&R Committees up to date on recent developments regarding the following issues:

The Assessment Plan is now fully developed. It has been approved by the Senate and the President. Assessment data collection started during the 2006-2007 academic year. The Spanish Assessment Course was offered for the first time in Winter 2007. At the end of Spring 07 Quarter Spanish faculty members reviewed portfolios and generated a report.

Lack of tenure–track faculty in upper division courses:
This year the EFL department is conducting two searches in Spanish. This will help adjust the ratio even further.

Size of the program:
Spanish faculty have started to design a plan in order to advertise the program at various high schools and colleges in our area. For example, students from high schools will be invited to the campus. An event will take place in January. Spanish faculty have also contacted I Poly High School and several students are taking courses in Spanish during the Fall quarter. Faculty members also plan to visit some high schools during this academic year.

Spanish faculty are already working with faculty in the School of Education so that the Spanish Teaching credential Program will be offered soon. At present students interested in becoming majors prefer Spanish programs that offer the credential. By offering the credential we will be able to attract more students.

The department also needs the support of the Recruitment Office. Since the Spanish program at Cal Poly is rather new, it still needs to be promoted.

Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation None

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