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P&R Responses for recommendation 71

Recommendation 71
Department English and Foreign Languages
Consensus Opinion 16 out of 24 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation
The French Minor program and the English and Foreign Language Department request that the P&R Steering Committee consider recommending that the French Minor continue to get stable funding based on the following:.

Efficient use of resources:
As the recommendation made by the P&R Academic Programs Committee states: “The French program is a minor and as such does not use a significant amount of resources.” Furthermore, the program continues to use new technologies to deliver courses effectively and efficiently. Despite elimination of the Chancellor’s support for intercampus collaboration, the French minor continues to participate in the French Consortium, a model program for alternate delivery of courses that include 4 CSU quarter campuses. Each year, each campus delivers one online, upper-division course to the other campuses. Cal Poly students can complete their minor by taking those courses through concurrent enrollment.

New trend in language study:
A study conducted by the Modern Language Association reported in Inside Higher Ed on Nov. 14, 2007, reveals that more U.S. university students are studying foreign languages, including the traditional ones such as French and German. With an increasing emphasis on globalization of the higher education curriculum, dismantling a fledgling program that is that provides students with the opportunity to develop proficiency in a language other than Spanish would be an error. At Cal Poly, we need more programs that promote global citizenship, not fewer.

In response to the concerns expressed by the P&R Academic Programs Committee, the program and the EFL Department will undertake the following steps:

• Recruiting students for the minor:

o Promote the study of foreign language
• to students in International Business. (This is now being done on a quarterly basis.)
• to students in the “First Year Experience” classes.

• Redesign FL307 (French Civilization) and FL308 (Contemporary France) as upper-division GE synthesis courses that would be taught in English.

• Track minors in the program more accurately. (The EFL Department is currently doing this at the department level.)

• Continue to work with the partner campuses (in the French Consortium) to allow students on all campuses easy access to upper-division online courses. (Concurrent enrollment has caused some difficulty that is out of our control.)
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation None

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