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P&R Responses for recommendation 70

Recommendation 70
Department English and Foreign Languages
Consensus Opinion 16 out of 24 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation The Graduate Program and the English and Foreign Languages Department thanks the Academic Programs P&R Committee for its careful assessment of the program and its recommendation of enhanced funding for the undergraduate English program and stable funding for the graduate program..

The Graduate Program and the EFL faculty members would like to respond to the comments made in the recommendation. The Committee writes that "the graduate program is clearly less essential to the overall quality of the University," but in discussing the quality of this program it acknowledges that "the level of research and creative activity is strong compared to other programs on this campus." The program and the EFL Department would point out that one reason our faculty can be so productive in this area is that teaching graduate courses provides both an opportunity for and incentive to conduct research and creative activity. We would also point out that results of our research inform our teaching of undergraduate courses, especially the upper division courses. Finally, the opportunity to teach graduate courses also contributes to our ability to recruit strong junior faculty, faculty who are eager to continue their scholarly work and recognize that our graduate courses provide an opportunity to continue work in their area of specialization and develop new lines of inquiry. In these ways, the graduate program is essential to the overall quality of the English graduate and undergraduate programs -- since the same faculty teach in both programs -- and therefore "to the overall quality of the University."

Additionally, whether a department has a graduate program, and if so, the diversity and quality of that program, has a significant effect on the reputation of that department within its discipline. Graduate programs are also a major factor in determining regional and national standings, which in turn affect the ability of graduates (including those with baccalaureates) to obtain desirable employment and to gain acceptance into the advanced degree programs of their choice. The English graduate program, well-run, large, and strongly connected to the production of educators, is therefore very essential to the overall quality of the University."
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation none

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