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P&R Responses for recommendation 67

Recommendation 67
Department Economics
Consensus Opinion 5 out of 9 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation The Economics Department voted (5 to 4) to reject the P&RC recommendation to move the Graduate Program in Economics to the College of Business. The Economics faculty unanimously supports (a vote of 9 to 0) the continued existence of an independent Economics Department and continuation of a traditional MS in Economics.

The Department believes that the traditional MS degree would be in peril after a move to the College of Business due to the AACSB accreditation criteria. The AACSB accreditation requires students to take 50% of their graduate classes in “traditional business subjects”. (Note that the AACSB list of “traditional business subjects” does not include economics courses.) The ability of Economics graduate students to take course offerings that are relevant to our program would be adversely affected by these criteria. As a consequence, the educational background our students need to satisfy the demands of a competitive job market would be reduced. While the Department unanimously supports exploring the addition of cross-disciplinary courses, all of the Economics faculty strongly believe that the traditional MS in Economics best serves the needs of our students and the University.

Steps to work with departments across all of the colleges at Cal Poly Pomona need to be taken to avoid duplication and strengthen the academic offerings of the University. The Economics Department is willing to work with all MS programs, including Business, to develop a stronger MS in Economics. Economics has applications and links to many other disciplines and will continue to pursue cross-disciplinary opportunities with them.

The majority of the Economics faculty strongly believe that the recommendations of the P&RC can be best accomplished if the Department remains in CLASS. In CLASS, the Economics Department will be able to work with interested academic units to achieve the recommendations of the P&RC, while preserving the integrity of economics as a social science; a main concern among many Cal Poly Pomona faculty.

Minority Opinion 4 out of 9 faculty/staff : Pro
Minority Explanation Four of the nine members of the Economics Department voted to accept Recommendation 67 of the P&R Report that would move the Graduate Program in Economics from CLASS to CBA. The vote was conditioned on the following provisions:
that the Economics Department could continue to exist as an independent Department; that the traditional major in Economics (BS) could be continued to be offered; and
and that the Graduate Program could continue to exist as an independent MS program.

The Economics Department took a close look at its graduate program during AY 2006/2007 and made several changes to improve and grow the program. We eliminated an option in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, and we streamlined our prerequisites and course offerings to conditional incoming students. We also increased our recruitment and advisement efforts. The results have been fairly dramatic in that we had 24 new students enroll during fall 2007 and another 6 enrolling in winter 2008. The program total in fall 2007 was 47 enrolled students which may be (and most probably) is the largest it has been since its inception in 1967. Another comforting fact is that the quality of the incoming students has also improved with many students coming from the UCs. Also, the average GPA of enrolled students has increased to over 3.2. Cal Poly offers the only MS degree in economics in the CSU, requiring two graduate state-of-the-art econometrics classes.
We believe that the program could be successful as an independent MS in CBA which currently houses the MBA program and is developing a MS in Accounting. We also believe there would be an opportunity to develop a MS in finance and economics with the finance department.

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