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P&R Responses for recommendation 65

Recommendation 65
Department Theatre
Consensus Opinion 9 out of 10 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation The IND&C was established after an internal review of the combined Theatre and Dance programs fifteen years ago in an effort to support trends and creative interests of the Dance Faculty. Prior to Dance’s independence tension developed between the two programs resulting in a mediated retreat. Disagreements concerning shared resources, student crews, O/E and IRA accounts as well as theatre faculty and staff supervision on Dance events were quelled with the creation of the new Institute.

The Theatre program recognizes that a traditional home for Dance in a University is within a Theatre Department. The majority of Dance programs in the CSU are housed under a Theatre and Dance umbrella and we see the rationalization for such a move. In fact the Theatre program provides an Option in Dance under a theatre major. But concerns of reigniting tensions over shared resources and the importance of maintaining the Institute’s individual identity are important issues that need to be addressed. Additional demands on Theatre’s Clerical and Production Staff must be considered as well as shared O/E expenses. These are issues that can be mutually resolved but need to be tackled before a merger is established.

The Theatre program can see a merger assist INDC in their effort to grow, but with that growth additional recourses will be required. Under the proposed realignment of resources the P & R committee has supported enhanced funding for the Theatre Program and then proposed Dance be merged into Theatre “…where joint appointments could expand the faculty and address the needs of the students cost effectively.” The Theatre’s first priority is recruiting a Theatre Historian/Dramaturgy/Director, which understandably is far from the needs of the Dance program. Certainly the question we ask is: will enhanced funding be used to support the needs of Theatre or be reinterpreted to provide additional resources to support the Theatre/Dance merger leaving both programs at present funding levels?

The Theatre Program feels it is important for INDC to maintain their identity as well as their IRA production funding independent of the Theatre production budget. In the same regards we feel our production programs must work independently given the extensive demands of the six-production theatre season, Peer Theatre, and the Southern California Shakespeare Festival. Reducing Theatre productions to technically support Dance productions would reduce the acting opportunities of our majors and place an additional burden on our technical theatre students making the program less attractive to prospective majors.

The theatre program has a great deal of respect and admiration for our colleagues in Dance. The Dance faculty has joyfully participated on Theatre RTP and Search Committees and has consulted on numerous projects with our program. Dance produces exciting and imaginative work in the University Theatre and we share with Dance their commitment to community partnering and performance as a method of engaging community discussion. It is in both of our interests to work closely to address these mutual concerns before embarking on a merger.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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