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P&R Responses for recommendation 61

Recommendation 61
Department Urban and Regional Planning
Consensus Opinion 9 out of 9 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation The graduate program has grown from 55 students in Fall 2005 to 88 students today. This is a 60% growth over a two year period. The program is unique in serving working planners who obtain their degree in the evening. No other accredited graduate planning program in the state offers such a program.

The student/faculty ratio required by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) for graduate programs is 10:1. In the Department’s 2006 annual report to PAB, a student/faculty ratio of 16.3:1 was reported. The ratio will be even higher this year. The department will be hosting an accreditation self study team in 2009. This problem needs to be rectified by the time of that review.

More funding is urgently needed. Current resources are insufficient to supervise theses and comprehensive examination processes for the students who are in the pipeline.

Since the P&R report was submitted, the graduate program was ranked by Planetizen as the top graduate planning program in the CSU, 22nd nationwide. The program is the only one in the top 25 that offers its program in the evening. The program is also the most diverse in the nation.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning is the largest planning program in California, is the highest ranked planning program in the CSU, and provides access to the profession for a diverse population of working students. The department’s leadership in sustainability, smart growth, and infrastructure responds the highest priorities of the State. The department is playing an important role in bringing sustainability issues to other colleges and would like to expand that role in the future.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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