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P&R Responses for recommendation 54

Recommendation 54
Department Art
Consensus Opinion 5 out of 6 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation Under ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT-BASED PROPOSALS AND RECOMMENDATIONS, Item #54 recommends “stable funding” for “Art”. Assuming that “Art” refers to the B.A. degree in Art, including both Art History and Fine Arts subplans (or options), the relevant tenured and tenure-track faculty concur with this recommendation.

The resources supported by this funding include the following:
ART HISTORY currently has three tenure/tenure-track faculty and two temporary faculty (with varying degrees of entitlement). It has a large lecture room that can handle all sizes of classes (from small seminars to large lecture classes) and which is fully equipped for various types of visual presentation necessary to the discipline: PowerPoint, slides, films, videos and DVDs.
The faculty have ample office spaces, adequately equipped.
The art history program looks forward to growth within the next few years at which time “enhanced funding” must be considered.

FINE ARTS currently has three tenured faculty members with several temporary faculty, depending on the quarter. This includes two full-time temporary faculty with significant entitlements; and approximately five other temporary faculty with varying entitlements.
Fine Arts faculty members have ample office space, adequately equipped.
The program has dedicated studios for ceramics, printmaking, painting, and drawing as well as several multi-use studios.

Both subplans have convenient access to 1. the visual resource library with a large collection of high quality slides, light tables, scanning equipment, videos, DVDs; and 2. the University Library with its comprehensive inventory (in breadth and depth) of books necessary to support these programs as well as demonstration classrooms for the instruction of new research technologies.

The Fine Arts program looks forward to growth within the next few years at which time “enhanced funding” must be considered.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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