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P&R Responses for recommendation 51

Recommendation 51
Department Civil Engineering
Consensus Opinion 16 out of 16 faculty/staff : Modifications
Consensus Explanation The Civil Engineering (CE) Department is encouraged by the P&R recommendation for stable funding of the MSCE program. The Department’s consensus is that the MSCE program should be recommended for enhanced funding, however, because of the following:

1. The P&R recommendation was based on the needs of the former MSSE (Master of Science in Structural Engineering) program. This program was renamed in July 2006, becoming the MSCE (Master of Science in Civil Engineering). In Fall 2007, the MSCE program added emphases in Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation Engineering, along with the original Structural Engineering emphasis. The two new Emphases brought in approximately 20 graduate students in Fall 2007, in addition to current and new graduate students in Structural Engineering.

2. The CE Department plans to upgrade the three Emphases to Options within the next two years.

3. The CE Department plans to expand the MSCE program to include Emphases or Options in Environmental Engineering, Water Resources and Geospatial Engineering. This is in agreement with the P&R Steering Committee’s support of programs related to the environment and sustainability, and will help meet the demand for graduate studies in those disciplines.

4. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has formally recognized the need for continuing education of practicing civil engineers and is currently promoting an initiative that would require a master’s degree or equivalent to become a licensed civil engineer. Their findings and recommendations are presented at This initiative will increase the demand for MSCE programs.

5. Having an expanded and diversified MSCE program will help attract new tenure-track faculty that the CE Department will be hiring, because of the large undergraduate and growing graduate programs in civil engineering. Also, many aspiring CE faculty are interested in working in departments that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

6. An expanded and diversified MSCE program will add prestige to the CE Department and the University, and provide opportunities for the best students in our undergraduate program to pursue further studies.

7. An expanded and diversified MSCE program has the potential to attract research funding from regional, state and federal agencies. The mechanisms for pursuing research, including graduate students who serve as research assistants and develop theses, along with faculty who attract funded projects, would be in place. Further, the MSCE program would have a growing potential for developing Ph.D. students who could pursue that degree elsewhere. Some of these students may be interested in returning to the CE Department, sometime later, as tenure-track faculty.
Minority Opinion 0 out of 16 faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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