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P&R Responses for recommendation 41

Recommendation 41
Department Civil Engineering
Consensus Opinion 16 out of 16 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation Engineering technology programs have a fundamentally different basis in the sciences and mathematics than engineering programs. Moving this the construction engineering technology (CET) program to civil engineering would require creation of a completely separate curriculum for the CET program with very little overlap with the existing civil engineering curriculum. It would neither reduce redundancies nor create efficiencies.

There currently is cooperation between CET and civil engineering notably in the surveying area. Both programs currently have a high ratio of majors to faculty. Combining the two programs will only exacerbate this problem. The civil engineering department welcomes the opportunity to enhance the current links between programs in a cooperative but separate environment.

Construction engineering management is a valuable program and there is a strong market need for this body of knowledge in the construction industry among others. The program garners significant external funds from construction companies. Combining this program in civil engineering would actually reduce opportunities for external funding by weakening the current strong tie to the construction industry. This program should remain in an engineering technology environment where it can be nurtured. Proactive advisement and enrollment management are good strategies for improving a vital program.

Minority Opinion 0 out of 16 faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

Recommendation 41
Department Engineering Technology
Consensus Opinion 8 out of 8 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation The Construction Engineering Technology (CET) program has a 35 year history of preparing top notch skilled leaders in construction engineering technology. Career
professionals prepared through the CET program include project managers, schedulers, estimators, inspectors and field superintendents all of which are responsible for the terminal design goal of building a project designed by architects and engineers. No other University Department or Program (i.e. Architecture or Civil Engineering), focuses on preparing this classification of student.

The CET program is currently the largest of the three Engineering Technology programs with approximately 225 students (over 50 graduated in 2007 compared to 14 in 2005). It has grown from 90 students to 225 in the past three years, despite having only one full time faculty member. Program quality, industry conditions along with active recruitment at local community colleges and high schools resulted in this growth. In addition, the CET program has one of the most active Industry Advisory Councils (IAC) within the College of Engineering. The IAC is comprised of some of the largest and most renowned domestic and international construction companies, many of which are headquartered here in Southern California. Over the past three years alone, Industry Advisory Members and supporters have contributed over $250,000 to the CET program. That number is projected to rise as the CET program continues to expand with a goal of $1,000,000 in the next five years.

The P & R review process has remarked that the CET discipline merge with either Architecture (which has a different accrediting body and a five year program) or Civil Engineering. Currently, the CET program shares no curriculum courses with Architecture and only one with Civil Engineering (CE 134/L). In direct discussion with Judith Shein (department of Architecture chair) and Donald Coduto (department of Civil Engineering chair), both indicated that collaboration with CET would be of reasonable interest. However, due to the specialized niche of "Construction", merging CET with either Architecture or Civil Engineering would not be of interest and is not recommended. The CET Industry Advisory Board (, which met on November 7, 2007, was unanimously in agreement that the CET program remain as a separate program or department. The IAC members felt that any Program merger with Architecture or Civil Engineering would dilute the CET program and risk extinction of, "the only Program at Cal Poly that we recruit from".

Additional investigation of the economics of merging does not produce any cost savings. The CET program coordinator would still need to "coordinate" the Program. Their is no cost savings in terms of a secretary or technician since the Program has never had a dedicated technician and shares a secretary and chair with the two other programs in Engineering Technology.

CET will work with the Dean to establish an appropriate MFR. With respect to quality and the high percentage of at risk students, the CET program notes that over the past three years, three faculty have retired. The single faculty member (herein writing this response) has taught a unit overload and has been responsible for all 1. Academic advising 2. Student club advising 3. Recruitment 4. Annual functions (i.e. golf tournament and banquet) 5. Out of state student competitions 6. Part and full time faculty hiring 7. CET Annual reporting. It is the opinion of the CET program that the Prioritization and Recovery Committee consider revising its determination for CET from Stable Funding to Enhanced Funding in order to expand this vital University Program. Thank You for your consideration. Hovel Babikian - CET Program Coordinator.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
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Recommendation 41
Department number 41 Construction Engineering Tech
Consensus Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : With modifications
Consensus Explanation
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : Con
Minority Explanation Industry Advisor Opinion;
From Peter Livermore; KPRS Construction Services, Inc.

The quality of the incoming Freshmen is not high due to the fact that the generally acceptance standards are not very high for the CSU system.

The planned ETC program merger with CE needs to be reviewed for the issue of Industry Support.
Since the Construction companies that are interested in hiring the students contribute funds for scholarships and other events. The contributors wish to continue supporting the ETC Students primarily. The CE students are not being hired by CM or Contractor companies, vs. the high volume of ETC students.

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