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P&R Responses for recommendation 37

Recommendation 37
Department Aerospace Engineering
Consensus Opinion 9 out of 9 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation Aerospace Engineering Department Response to P & R

The Aerospace Engineering faculty and staff unanimously concur with and deeply appreciate the confidence that the P & R Steering Committee has expressed in the Aerospace Engineering Department, as it continues to grow in enrollment, faculty size, quality, diversity, extra curricular activities and external funding. For the current academic year, we hired two new full-time faculty members. That significantly reduces our Major to Faculty ratio, as each student in the Department is assigned to a faculty advisor. Our new faculty hires make our faculty more diverse, as one of our new faculty members is originally from the country of Nepal. We also have two other members of our faculty, one originally from Greece and the other originally from Iran. Regarding the needs of the Aerospace industry in Southern California, it is well known that the region is one of the nation’s major centers of aerospace activity: Aerospace Industry, DOD and Government laboratories. LA Times reported recently, that only for the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Co., there are over 6,000 companies in California, mostly in Southern California, that provide parts for these commercial aircraft. Some of our senior projects are in cooperation with local Aerospace companies, such as Boeing, to help ensure the relevancy of the student’s research to industry needs. This also provides increased real world exposure for the students and insights for the university into curriculum needs. Regarding being proactive in advising and enrollment management: we are considering making quarterly advising for all of our freshmen and sophomores mandatory, prior to pre-registration. We are also reinstituting our quarterly Student-Faculty Forums, which give the students an opportunity to interact with our Department faculty directly with any questions. Our Department faculty members are also reaching across department lines and collaborating with faculty from other College of Engineering departments on student projects, research, laboratory use and coursework.

Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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