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P&R Responses for recommendation 32

Recommendation 32
Department Interdisciplinary General Education
Consensus Opinion 10 out of 11 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation STRENGTHS. We agree with the strengths listed. We add that IGE provides essential support for the Liberal Studies Department which requires that their freshmen take the IGE program. We also provide significant support for students in the Honors Program, and the Architecture and Engineering majors. IGE contributes to attracting and serving students who seek a challenging higher education learning experience.

DEMAND/EFFICIENCY. We dispute the efficiency concerns. IGE offers exclusively seminar-style classes; cost should be evaluated according to mode of instruction not a campus-wide norm. The IGE student-faculty ratio historically has approximated the campus ratio. CEIS lacks a development officer to assist departments seeking external support. IGE's pedagogical strategies are well-matched with current higher education grant funding priorities and have great potential for external awards.

OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS. We agree with the Opportunity Analysis. The template did not capture relevant evidence about IGE. We welcome an opportunity to demonstrate how IGE serves students and the university, and to explore potential for growth.

RECOMMENDATIONS. We accept the recommendation that IGE receive stable funding. We acknowledge the potential benefits of relocation to increase synergy and collaboration with other undergraduate programs, however, we cannot endorse the proposed move to CLASS without meaningful exploration of alternatives and opportunities.

We dispute the assertion that IGE is redundant; we offer a unique lower-division integrative GE curriculum in a learning community setting that serves students who seek an enhanced liberal arts education at a polytechnic university. We welcome opportunities to increase collaboration with departmental instructors and affirm the need for full-time IGE faculty to provide leadership and sustainability. IGE may not increase in size but we must be allowed to grow in our capacity to meet our goals. Development of any program requires a critical mass of full-time personnel dedicated to the program's mission and goals.

Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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