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P&R Responses for recommendation 29

Recommendation 29
Department Accounting
Consensus Opinion 10 out of 10 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation E-business courses have failed to fill every quarter since at least Fall 2006. The program, which started as a true interdisciplinary program with “career tracks” available in many areas, is now “owned” by the Technology and Operations Management Department. Further, the career tracks have dwindled to three. One wonders whether continued funding of the program is a wise choice.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

Recommendation 29
Department E-Business (EBZ)
Consensus Opinion 15 out of 18 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation EBZ P&R Response

The Technology Operations & EBZ Department thanks the P&R committee for their evaluation and concurs with the overall conclusion of stable funding for the program. However, it is important to mention that some of the P&R committee’s analysis and conclusions on specific issues appear to be based on either misunderstanding of the College of Business programs and operations, or analysis of outdated data.

With respect to the concern regarding the program size, The PRPC committee (p. 17) report indicates viability of 80 undergraduate students for a stand-alone program. The EBZ program is not a major in the College of Business, but an option. The enrollment in the program in fall 2006 was 106 students which exceeds the P&R committee viability threshold.

The suggestion to relocate the EBZ program with marketing, communications, etc. into one department reflects a fundamental lack of understanding of EBZ program focus. The program current focus is on information flow within supply chain and not sales, advertising or business communications.

With respect to quality of freshman students entering the program, it is important to note that the department has no control over incoming quality. A large sample of entering freshman to college of business in summer 2007 showed that 67% of students entering the CBA through the normal admission process had SAT scores below the state of California average. The quality of incoming freshman is a college wide problem that needs urgent attention.

Regarding the percentage of faculty teaching upper division courses and diversity of faculty, EBZ is an option integrated into the TOM department and there is no distinction between Operations Management and E-Business faculty. The program is accredited and meets sufficiency requirements of the AACSB. The faculty diversity of TOM/EBZ programs fully reflects the market diversity. The committee is also referred to the department response for TOM program

With respect to concern regarding the program assessment, it should be realized that the accreditation standards of CBA requires that all options including EBZ have an assessment program. By end of AY 2005 the external assessment of EBZ program resulted in major overhaul and program focus on information flow in supply chain management. Student senior project evaluation is also another common tool continuously utilized for assessing the program.

With respect to lack of effectiveness in fundraising raised in the report, it should be mentioned that the TOM/EBZ Department has been directly and indirectly responsible for approximately 65% of the entire college fund-raising in AY 2007. An additional $350,000 is pending in outstanding grant proposals.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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