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P&R Responses for recommendation 28

Recommendation 28
Department Technology & Operations Mgmt.
Consensus Opinion 15 out of 18 faculty/staff : Pro
Consensus Explanation TOM P&R Response

The Technology Operations & EBZ Department thanks the P&R committee for their evaluation and looks forward to review of the program in one year. However, we would like to respond to a number of issues that were raised in the report. The committee’s analysis and conclusions on these issues appear to be based on either misunderstanding of the College of Business programs or analysis of outdated data. The TOM program is the largest accredited program in U.S. western region. The program has brought recognition to the university through its leadership role in supply chain and logistics as acknowledged in Chancellor’s executive meeting and the recent award for innovative solutions received by President Ortiz.

With respect to the concerns raised, it is fundamentally important to realize that College of Business has only one major with six options and the report incorrectly refers to the various options in the college as majors. The most important initiative in CBA is re-accreditation and the TOM program considers this issue as the highest priority initiative. The TOM Department currently has the highest percentage of academically and professionally qualified full time faculty members within the college and meets the required AACSB accreditation standard for faculty sufficiency in discipline.

Regarding the program assessment, it should be realized that the accreditation standards of CBA requires that all options have an assessment program. By end of AY 2005 the external assessment of our program resulted in major overhaul and program focus on supply chain management. Student senior project evaluation is another common tool continuously utilized for assessing the program.

The report mentioned the percentage of the faculty teaching upper division courses and diversity of the faculty members. Funding in the CBA follows AACSB requirements. TOM has given up two tenured faculty positions in recent years due to more urgent needs in other options. The department meets AACSB requirements for faculty sufficiency. The TOM faculty members have also been very successful in research and involvement in University activities that generate substantial teaching release time. The TOM Department’s tenured faculty members include 27% females and 37% Asian-Americans. The last four faculty members hired were all members of minority groups.

Concerning lack of effectiveness in fundraising raised in the report, it should be mentioned that the TOM/EBZ Department has been directly and indirectly responsible for approximately 65% of the entire college fund-raising in AY 2007. An additional $350,000 in grants are pending.

Finally, with respect to concern on program advising efficiency and percentage of at risk students, the program enrollment in fall 2007 has been 161 full time students (20% Increase over AY 2005 enrollment). Only 5 TOM students have GPA below 2.00. Only 21 students have GPA below 2.2. Approximately 36% of grades awarded by the TOM Department in Spring 2007 were C+ or lower. The number of students at risk appears to be reasonable with the grading practices of the department which seems to be more correlated with the number of students at risk than the poorly defined “advising efficiency”.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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