Cal Poly Pomona

P&R Responses for recommendation 23

Recommendation 23
Department Finance, Real Estate, and Law
Consensus Opinion 14 out of 14 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation The FRL faculty reject this recommendation, and request Enhanced Funding for the following reasons:
1. The FRL department’s Summer Quarter 2007 and Fall Quarter 2007 FTEs exceeded the target FTE by a significant margin.
2. The recently hired faculty are heavily involved in research, and they would require funding for student assistants, software, databank subscriptions, and travel.
3. The FRL department is shifting its focus toward research and publication. This necessitates additional funding to hire graduate assistants and provide release time to support the faculty.
4. The number of FRL majors has increased significantly, and additional funding will be needed to provide support to students in terms of tutoring, advising, etc.
Minority Opinion 0 out of 14 faculty/staff : Pro
Minority Explanation

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