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P&R Responses for recommendation 123

Recommendation 123
Department Finance, Real Estate, and Law
Consensus Opinion 14 out of 14 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation The FRL department is rejecting this recommendation with justification outlined below:
1. The Real Estate Research Council is self funded, and does not use any of the CBA’s resources.
2. The Real Estate Research Council has been receiving donations over the years, and has been sharing those with the College of Business Administration.
3. The Real Estate Research Council brings recognition to the College of Business Administration and the University. Its director is often quoted in the local and national news papers.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

Recommendation 123
Department Plant Sciences
Consensus Opinion 19 out of 19 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation Plant Science recommends that CTILT be allowed to continue research and testing projects by undergraduate, graduate students and faculty. CTILT has never received any funding from the state. The center is used to conduct research, student projects and industry collaborative projects which support the universities mission by being the primary source of state of art lab equipment and instrumentation that enhance the labs for all turf and irrigation students, including students from other disciplines. The focus of recent research is on water conservation supported by water agencies and Southern California businesses. CTILT is an effective vehicle to demonstrate to external funding partners our interests, and research and testing capabilities.

Major Accomplishments Demonstrating External Recognition
A. Research and Development Highlights
1. Dr Mitra has attracted over one million dollars in external funding for water, turf, irrigation, and environmental issues from federal agencies, state agencies, and private industry.
2. CTILT was the first to publish testing information for PVC irrigation piping systems of actual closing time of electro-mechanical valves that is important for analysis of water hammer, and documented the strain on PVC pipe fittings. This led to the redesign of PVC pipe fittings typical in commercial and golf course irrigation systems that are common throughout the industry today.
3. Testing of WICK irrigation systems were conducted through CTILT from 1996 to the present. This method known variously as WICK, Surface Flow, or other trade names has potential to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce runoff. Cal State Fullerton used the Surface Flow version of this landscape irrigation system to gain points for LEEDS certification of a new campus building.
4. CTILT has offered Short courses in irrigation system management over the past to years as time permits. We have also hosted four irrigation training groups from Turkey and Cyprus through the International Center.
5. In 1996 – 98, CTILT initiated the design and installation of the landscape in front of Bldg 45 and lab areas behind Bldg 45 that includes a one hole - 100 yard golf course. This outdoor lab continues to be used by all students in irrigation and turf and surveying classes, and senior and masters degree projects; research equipment and plots have been installed.
6. Designed, built, tested, and published results of a large paddle fan for agricultural applications (cooperative project with University California Agricultural Extension). This fan concept was featured by Southern California Edison at CTAC as a technology for energy conservation in spring 2007.

B. Learning Centered Opportunities – All students that were active in CTILT activities

1. Students were awarded an $8500 grant MWD 2005 to research water efficient landscapes based on previous research done through CTILT.
2. All students in the irrigation courses from the College of Agriculture and Landscape Architecture use these outdoor facilities for labs.
3. Students (from Colleges of AG, Science, Business, and Environmental) were hired as student assistants on funded projects and gained valuable experience. Student from a number of students from the CIS and CS majors.
4. In the national competitions (ALCA now called PLANET), Cal Poly Pomona students have won 1st place four years out the last fifteen in irrigation design; twice a Cal Poly student earned most points overall for the Super Star award. These students are part of a team that consistently places in top five nationally.
5. Graduates of Plant Science are leaders in their profession. All officers of the Southern California Chapter of American Society of Irrigation Consultants 2005 were products of Cal Poly Pomona. Another is on the board of the national organization.
6. Students have taken part in the “Turf bowl” competition where teams from over 80 universities complete on theoretical and applied aspects of turfgrass management at the International Golf Industry Show every year.

Future funding opportunities for CTILT should continue to be available from public agencies, landscape and irrigation industries for water, turf, and energy projects important to Southern California. This external funding creates learning opportunities for students, scholarly activities for faculty, state of the art lab equipment, and support for Southern California industries.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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