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P&R Responses for recommendation 122

Recommendation 122
Department University Library
Consensus Opinion 12 out of 12 faculty/staff : With modifications
Consensus Explanation The Library appreciates Recommendation 122 which recognizes that supplemental “move-in” funding is required to complete the occupation of our new building. However, we would urge that the recommendation be revisited/reconsidered because it does not address the critical need for additional ongoing funding to operate the larger facility, to periodically “refresh” its computing and A/V equipment, and to ensure that we are able to take reasonable advantage of the opportunity to provide a range of more sophisticated “state-of-the-art” services and programs that the Library was never before capable of offering to the campus community. Perhaps we did not adequately explain the magnitude of the need and the significance of the opportunity in our original submission.

Technology-based needs –

The new Library building will need to support at least 300 additional public access workstations above the 100 we have now (a three-fold increase) including a Productivity Center with 53 workstations with advanced application software, a 7x24 facility with 78 workstations, a Learning Commons with 36 workstations, a 65-person Information Learning Center (ILC) with 33 workstations, a 20-person ILC with 10 workstations, 23 group study rooms, some of which will offer multimedia equipment, 5 group listening rooms, 12 listening/viewing stations to provide cross-disciplinary access to specialized hardware and software.

The Library Systems Group needs an additional Information Technology Consultant and student assistants to support the added workstations.

The Library’s Research and Instruction Services Unit needs a Learning Commons/Productivity Center manager to deliver the new services outlined above.
Public Service-related needs –
To accommodate increased enrollment, the Library Addition and Renovation Project adds 100,922 GSF of new “people space” and 91,092 GSF of renovated space (a 25% net increase in total Library space). Our seat count will increase by 2,067 (a 50% increase over the number of seats we had prior to the start of construction).
The Library Access Services Unit needs additional staff to provide service at 4 service points: a welcome/concierge desk located in the atrium lobby entrance, an integrated Research Help/Technology Help desk, a Circulation/Loan desk, and a Media/Reserves desk. 3 of these 4 service points are either new or substantially expanded in terms of the scope of services provided.
The additional costs associated with operating our expanded and enhanced facility are not included in the capital budget. If the Library does not have sufficient funds to properly operate our facility the campus will not be able to fully realize the return on investment in our building project.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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