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P&R Responses for recommendation 101

Recommendation 101
Department Biological Sciences
Consensus Opinion 36 out of 37 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation Recommendation 101. Microbiology. Stable funding.

Members of the Biological Sciences Department feel strongly that enhanced funding is necessary to continue providing a quality education in Microbiology for our majors and also for students in other programs on campus.

Here are the arguments in favor of enhanced funding for Microbiology:

• Market demand for the Microbiology specialty is high and growing rapidly.
• The Microbiology program at Cal Poly Pomona is well established and recognized. The program includes two emphases, Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS, formerly Medical Technology) and Microbiology, offering general and specialty courses to Microbiology students as well as many pre-professional students for medicine.
• According to scientists of the American Red Cross, one of the key reasons for moving the ARC regional headquarter to Cal Poly Pomona was the valuable resources provided by our Microbiology program. They were particularly impressed with the breadth and quality of our microbiology courses and with our students and faculty research. We have been interacting with ARC routinely for curriculum, internships, and other functions.
• The number of Microbiology majors has been consistently high for many years and has steadily increased for the past two years.
• Microbiology courses are very laboratory intensive. With the increasing cost of supplies, enhanced funding is essential to maintain this program.
• Because many courses work with live cultures such as bacteria and viruses, it is essential and costly to maintain these collections for laboratory use.
• Basic Microbiology (MIC 201) is required for many majors outside of the Biological Sciences Department. This laboratory-intensive course must be taught at full capacity throughout the year to meet demand. Enhanced funding is essential to continue offering this service course.
• Maintenance of equipment such as autoclaves, microscopes, and biosafety hoods used in this program is extremely costly.

Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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