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P&R Responses for recommendation 100

Recommendation 100
Department Mathematics and Statistics
Consensus Opinion 32 out of 32 faculty/staff : Con
Consensus Explanation Most of the concerns of the PNR Committee are founded on data which are no longer correct. The Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Program did have a fully developed outcomes assessment plan at the time of data collection. Moreover, a full year cycle of this assessment plan has now been implemented and analyzed, and several improvements to the program have been made based on this analysis. The number of at risk student in the program is considerably lower now than in the year (2005) that was used for the PNR recommendations. Moreover, we now have a comprehensive plan for identifying at risk students and for helping them design and fulfill a plan for ameliorating their GPA deficiencies. A quick comparison with national data for mathematics and statistics departments (for instance from the American Mathematical Society) will show that our department is, in fact, quite diverse. As for the cost per FTES of the graduate program, it should be noted that since we have no labs, our cost per FTES is undoubtedly lower that any other program in the sciences. In fact, compared to all other graduate programs on campus, our cost per FTES is below average.

More importantly, we would like to discuss what makes our program valuable to the University and surrounding community. Our program provides a large number of the math instructors for community colleges in Southern California. Also local high school teachers have enhanced the quality of secondary education in nearby schools by pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics. We serve diverse areas of industry in California by providing graduates who work in areas such as actuarial and financial sciences, defense and aerospace. Moreover, we prepare students to pursue PhD’s in mathematics and statistics. These program often have trouble attracting minority students, but our graduate program has helped many minority students to be admitted, to attend, and to succeed in such programs.
Minority Opinion NA out of NA faculty/staff : NA
Minority Explanation

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